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Service kits

Minor service kit (801001)

Minor service kit, R1200 water cooled models, oil filter and drain plug washer

Associated BMW No. 11427721779

Tom says: "Have you got the removal tool to get the darn thing off 223100, we also do the oil 026837"

Price: £12.05
Ex VAT: £12.05
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Major service kit (801002)

Major service kits, all R1200 water cooled models 2013 on, oil and air filters, washers and spark plugs

Tom says: "Have you got the tools? 1. oil filter removal tool 223100, 2. the spark plug removal tool 023014, 3. the stick coil removal tool 023248, we also do the fluids, engine oil 026837, final drive oil 026SAF and castrol brake fluid 026347"

Price: £68.05
Ex VAT: £56.71
In stock