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Petrol tank


Fuel tank mounting rubber (009615)

The castellated round rubber mount for the fuel tank

K1200/1300/1600 S/R/GT/GTL
R850/1100/1150 GS/R/RS/S/RT/GSA/Rockster
R1200 C/Montauk/independant/CL and R850C

R1200R/S HP2 Sport

Associated BMW No. 16112323615

Price: £4.80
Ex VAT: £4.00
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Quick release coupling (009735)

Quick release coupling, male 90 degree, Adventure, white

Associated BMW No. 16117666735

Price: £20.46
Ex VAT: £17.05
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Fuel Pump c/w holder and soak filter (009240)

Reproduction fuel pump

R1200GS, RT, ST and S models, (not liquid cooled)

K1200/1300 S, GT and R

Associated BMW No. 16147680379

Price: £234.00
Ex VAT: £195.00
In stock

Petrol tank filler neck seal (009903)

Petrol tank filler neck seal, first seal to tank

All K1200

R1200 - Not R or S

Associated BMW No. 16117654903

Price: £8.52
Ex VAT: £7.10
In stock